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On the Island you can find tourist information, Free Internet and Free Maps at the Phu Quoc Tourist Information centre 6 Bach Dang St Duong Dong Town (just opposite the Marina and near the Night Market)
This place was opened in 2006 and since has been helping visitors get reliable and helpful information about Phu Quoc.

A little about Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is a very mountainous and densely forested Island of approx. 600 sq kms situated in the Gulf of Thailand, shaped like a “tear” its approx. 48 km in length south to north at its longest point and 19 km at its widest point in the far north.
It has a population of approx. 90,000 people approx. is 45 km’s west of Ha Tien on the Vietnamese mainland and approx 5 km off the south east coast of Cambodia.

This supernatural Island (surrounded by a number of smaller islands mainly to the south) arguably has some of most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and some of the best seafood, also abundant with local culture and some of the friendliest people in Vietnam!

Phu Quoc Island served as a based for French missionary Pigneau de Behaine from the 1760-80s and at one time he provided shelter here for Prince Nguyen Anh (later Emperor Gia Long) when he was being hunted by the Tay Son rebels from 1782 -1786.
Then later around 1870 the French government occupied Phu Quoc setting up rubber and coconut plantations on the island, it wasn’t until 1954 (after the battle at Dien Bien Phu) that the French finally surrendered their colonial rule.

Only 13 years later from 1967 - 1972 during the Vietnam war the Island due to its remote location was used by the American army as a supply line as well as a prison for captured Viet Cong, reportedly 40,000 inmates at one stage were kept at “Coconut Prison” (Cay Dua) located near present day An Thoi Town.
After the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 Vietnam & Phu Quoc were yet again taken back by the Vietnamese central Government in Hanoi.

Another point of interest is the Phu Quoc Dog which was reputedly a wild animal before and later trained as a hunting dog by the local people.
These animals have unusually sharp teeth (as they tear their food when they eat it rather than bite) and have claws that over the years have been conditioned for catching their prey and are razor sharp, in saying this generally “their bark is worse than their bite!”
These days they are very domesticated animals and it’s hard to go anywhere on the Island without seeing one!

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