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About Phú Quốc Island

In the Gulf of Thailand 50km from Ha Tien & 120 km from Rach Gia on the mainland, Phu Quoc is 600 km2 in size - 48km from north south and 19 km from east west - it packs a lot in to a small space!
Shape of the Island is like a “teardrop", widest at the top in the north and narrowing at the bottom in the south.

Running along the west coast is the popular Long Beach, home to many resorts and restaurants and the perfect spot to catch the wonderful Phu Quoc sunset, as the beach runs for almost half the length of the island, you shouldn’t struggle to find a quiet spot.
Whilst Long Beach dominates the west coast, in the north the National Park and rural areas are key attractions with hiking trails, waterfalls and amazing wildlife awaits those with a strong sense of adventure!

Phu Quoc Archipelago Long Beach Sunset Local Fishing Boats

The 14 smaller islands south make up the Phu Quoc Archipelago a great day out with diving and snorkeling trips popular excursions to their remote islands.
Temperatures rarely dipping below 25oC (77oF) so any time of year is a good time to come, there are however some differences in the weather throughout the year, most noticeably between the wet and dry seasons.

Our Tip: Visit in November to April when skies are blue, the sea is clear and diving at its best!

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In the recent years Phu Quoc has seen the emergence of many globally known top-of-the-line 5 Star Resort and Hotel brands.

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